Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips is the Music Associate at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, Calif. He maintains an active concert schedule, and has appeared as soloist with members of the Eastman Philharmonia, the Oklahoma Symphony, the Los Angeles Mozart Orchestra, and the Corona del Mar Baroque Music Festival. He has been a finalist in several organ playing competitions.

Phillips is a noted composer, having received numerous commissions, including those from the National Cathedral, the Association of Anglican Musicians, the University of California, Riverside, the duo-organ team The Chenaults, and Episcopal cathedrals in Buffalo, Portland, and Atlanta. He has written both choral and organ pieces, including several of each published by Selah.

Phillips was born in Louisville, Kent., in 1961. He received a B.M. from Oklahoma Baptist University, and a M.M. and D.M.A. and the Performers Certificate from the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, N.Y., where he studied with the late Russell Saunders.

A Festival Song: The Music of Craig Phillips (All Saints Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills, California, Tom Foster Conductor)

Choral octavos
People, Look East (Unison, kybd., opt. descant, 405-103)
New! Choristers' Prayer (Phillips, Unison treble, organ, opt. 2nd voice, 410-335, Mod. easy)
New! Choristers' Prayer (Phillips, Unison treble, organ, opt. 2nd voice, 410-335, Mod. easy)
There's a Voice in the Wilderness Crying (Craig Phillips, Two-pt., kybd., 422-903, Easy)
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Craig Phillips, SAB, organ, 2 tpts./kybd., opt. timp., opt. cong., 425-888, Mod. easy)
New! Agnus Dei (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-420, Mod. easy)
The Beatitudes (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-516, Mod. diff.)
Benedictus Dominus Deus (Song of Zechariah) (Craig Phillips, SATB and organ, 410-887, Difficult)
New! Birmingham Preces and Responses (Phillips, SATB a cappella, 410-926, Mod. diff.)
Breathe on Me, Breath of God (Craig Phillips, SATB a cappella, 405-605, Mod. easy)
New! Come, My Way, My Truth (Craig Phillips, SATB a cappella, 418-620, Mod. dif.)
New! God Saw That It Was Good (Craig Phillips, SATB, kybd., 410-509, Mod. diff.)
God's Grandeur (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 420-822, Mod. diff.)
New! I Beseech You Therefore (Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-544, Mod. diff.)
Keep Watch, Dear Lord (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 420-526, Mod. diff.)
Most High, Omnipotent, Good Lord (Craig Phillips, SATB and organ, 410-629, Mod. diff.)
New! Psalm 90 (Phillips, SATB, organ, brass quintet, timp., 415-190, Mod. diff.)
New! Psalm 121 (Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-861, Mod. diff.)
Rejoice and Exult (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 405-148, Mod. diff.)
Restore in Us, O God (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-325, Mod. diff.)
New! St. David Canticles (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-927, Mod. diff.)
Sing to the Lord-Psalm 98 (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, opt. children's choir, 410-899, Mod. diff.)
Surely It Is God Who Saves Me (Craig Phillips, SATB a cappella, 410-844, Mod. diff.)
Transfiguration (Phillips, SATB, organ, 405-390)
A True Hymn (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 418-624, Mod. difficult)
Two Advent Anthems (SATB, organ, and oboe, 405-146)
How Grandeur of Creation (SATB, organ, opt. string quartet, 410-639)
The House of Faith (Phillips, SATB and organ, mod. diff., 410-691)

Instrumental Hymn Arrangements
Phillips Hymn Arrangements (Craig Phillips, Moderately difficult)
Adeste Fideles | Antioch | Mendelssohn | Winchester Old
Easter Hymn | Fortunatus | Salve Feste Dies | Victory

Large Choral Work with Orchestra
Dies Gratiae: Requiem Reflections (Craig Phillips, 440-90x, Difficult)

Organ/Keyboard publications
Archangel Suite (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-870, Mod. diff.)
New! Arioso (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-637, Mod. easy)
Exultate: A Liturgical Suite (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-683, Mod easy-Mod. diff.)
Fanfare for organ solo (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-640, Mod. difficult)
Fantasia: A Languedoc Landscape - Tone Poem for Organ, Brass quintet, and Timpani (Craig Phillips, 160-910, Mod. diff.-Diff.)
Fantasia on Sine Nomine (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-676, Mod. diff.)
Fantasy Toccata (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-858, Difficult)
Fantasy: Torah Song (Phillips, 160-857)
Festival Piece (Phillips, organ solo, 160-860)
New! Five for Flute + Organ (Carson Cooman, Alfred V. Fedak, Thomas Pavlechko, Craig Phillips, David Ashley White, 160-936, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Fugue on the Carillon d'Alet
(Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-852, Mod. diff.)
Glad Praises We Sing (Phillips, organ solo, 160-814)
New! Impromptu (Craig Phillips, 160-831, Mod. diff.)
Joy to the World: Three Preludes for Christmas (Phillips, 160-815)
New! Legend for Bassoon and Organ (Craig Phillips, 160-934, Mod. diff.)
March for Trumpet and Organ (Phillips, 160-970, organ and tpt., Mod. diff.)
Night Song for Oboe and Organ or Harpsichord (Craig Phillips, Oboe and keybd., 160-930, Mod. diff.)
Paean (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-631, Mod. diff.)
Partita on LOBE DEN HERREN (Phillips, 160-691, organ, mod. diff.)
New! Partita on Nun Danket alle Gott (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-602, Mod. diff.)
Partita on Veni Creator (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-440, Mod. difficult)
Pastorale and Dance for Organ and Bassoon (Craig Phillips, organ and bassoon, 160-975, Mod. difficult)
Phillips: 25 Harmonizations and Descants (Craig Phillips, organ collection, 160-731, Mod. easy)
Prelude & Exultation for Organ, Brass Quintet, and Percussion (Craig Phillips, 160-985, Diff.)
New! Prelude on the Carillon d'Alet (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-853, Mod. diff.)
Psalm Prelude (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-875, Mod. diff.)
Rhapsody for Organ (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-830, Difficult)
Sarabande/Ode and Salutation (Phillips, 160-876, Mod. easy/Mod. diff.)
Scenes from a Gallery (Craig Phillips, organ, flute, violin, 160-900, Mod. diff.)
Ss. Simon & Jude Organ Book (Daniels, Erickson, Farrell, Fedak, Phillips, Proulx, 160-615, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Sojourn for Organ and Wind Ensemble (Craig Phillips, 160-941, Difficult)
Suite Breve (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-609, Mod. diff.)
Suite for Organ and Brass Quintet and Percussion (Craig Phillips, organ and brass, 160-981, Mod. difficult)
Three Sketches (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-812, Mod. diff.)
Toccata on How Firm a Foundation (Craig Phillips, 160-655, Mod. difficult)
Toccata on Hyfrydol (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-675, Mod. diff.)
New! Trio for Flute, Clarinet, & Organ (Craig Phillips, 160-937, Mod. diff.)
Tribute (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-682, Mod. easy)


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