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Wordless Song within the Waters

Composer Alfred V. Fedak
Text Richard Leach
Unison/two-part choir and keyboard
Topics Children, Holy Spirit, Music, Society/Social Concerns
Scripture References
Psalm 104:26, Romans 8:26
Length Price $1.75 (U.S.) Released 6/01
Catalog no. 422-904 Difficulty Mod. easy

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"Alfred Fedak's 'Wordless Song within the Waters' is a brooding setting of Richard Leach's ecologically sensitive hymn. It is deeply moving, but it demands a good deal from the listener, and it says things many in our culture don't want to hear." --AAM Journal, September 2002

Children will enjoy the strong modal melody and the text's references to diving whales and holwing wolves--proofs that even nature sings praise to God. Perfect for choir camps and children's choir festivals, as well as for children's Sundays and general worship.

Wordless song within the waters,
whales draw breath and dive and sing.
Hymns no human tongue can offer
set the ocean echoing.
Wordless singers wake our wonder;
what can human voices bring?
We will offer words for praising
God the Maker of all things.

Wordless song in early morning,
songbirds sing as day draws near.
Carols publishing their presence
please the waking human ear.
Wordless singers claim their places,
with a flag of song unfurled.
We will sing the name of Jesus,
word of joy that claims the world.

Wordless song within the forest,
wolves are howling in the night:
haunting psalms outside the circle
cast for us by campfire light.
Wordless singers, like the Spirit,
on whose pleading we rely.
Let us dare to name the yearning
in the Spirit's wordless cry.

--Richard Leach, 1994
Text © 1994 Selah Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved.

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