Variations on Pange Lingua - Six Versets for Organ -Alfred V. Fedak

Composer Alfred V. Fedak
Usage Communion
Price $12.50 (U.S.) Released 6/01
Difficulty Moderately easy
Catalog no. 160-684
Discography "Come, Creator Spirit" (Selah)

Buy a recording on Alfred V. Fedak - Come, Creator Spirit: Fedak Plays Fedak At Westminster Church, Albany - Variations On Pange Linga: I - Free, With Movement
Listen to excerpts
I. Freely, with movement
II. Pensively
III. Broadly with great warmth
IV. Delicately
V. Tenderly
VI. Solidly

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A set of six brief versets in contrasting styles, on the well-known plainsong hymn. The work may be performed in whole or in part, and is most effective when each variation is preceded by the singing of a stanza of the hymn, either by a choir or a soloist.

"Fedak demonstrates once again why he is at the top of the list of composers for the church with this superbly written set of variations on PANGE LINGUA. Following a simple presentation of the cantus firmus, Fedak takes the melody through a series of colorful presentations. Most effective is the fourth variation in which the melody is covered over with triplet figuration against a backdrop of sustained dissonant harmony on the Swell strings. The partita closes with a toccata that is brilliant but not difficult. Easy to moderate in difficulty. Highly recommended." --Cross Accent, Fall 2001

"These fine settings [by Al Fedak: Meditation on Adoro te Devote, Divinum Mysterium, and Variations on Pange Lingua], all very improvisatory, are good music and easy to play. ...Pange Lingua gives various treatments of the chant (none difficult), and the hymn tune is printed with two different texts for possible alternatim performance."--AAM Journal, September 2001

"These six movements on the Gregorian chant are without doubt Al Fedak's best writing to date. While playing them I was repeatedly reminded of the many French organists who have influenced us (Guilmant, Dupré, etc.). Hopefully, we will see more from this fabulous musician. Don't miss this item." --The American Organist, January 2003


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