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Alleluia, Song of Gladness

Composer David Ashley White
Text Latin, 11th cent.; tr. John Mason Neale
SATB or SAB, handbells, percussion
Topics Alleluias, Easter, Music
2' 00" Price $1.65 (U.S.) Released 2/02
Catalog no. 405-525 Difficulty Mod. easy
Discography Praise the Spirit: Sacred Music of David Ashley White (Gothic Records, 520-254)

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"Finally, there are two delightful hymn anthems from David Ashley White. Alleluia, song of gladness is for the Last Sunday after The Epiphany, while What Star Is This is for the Feast itself. Written for Don Pearson and St. John's, Denver, Alleluia is D.A.W. at his playful best. His own engaging tune for the familiar text is passed through the choir so skillfully that it never seems contrived, and the essential handbells, tambourine, drum, and cymbal propel the dance in to glory." --AAM Journal, October 2002

A festive Epiphany or Easter anthem or processional for mixed choir, handbells, and various percussion instruments. An exciting piece with which to make a joyful noise on a Sunday morning!

Alleuia, song of gladness, voice of joy that cannot die;
alleluia is the anthem ever raised by choirs on high;
in the house of God abiding thus they sing eternally.

Alleluia thou resoundest, true Jerusalem and free;
alleluia, joyful mother, all thy children sing with thee;
but by Babylon's sad waters mourning exiles now are we.

Alleluia, though we cherish and would chant for evermore
alleluia, in our singing let us for a while give o'er,
as our Saviour in his fasting, pleasures of the world forbore.

Therefore in our hymns we pray thee, grant us blessed Trinity,
at the last to keep thine Easter with thy faithful saints on high;
there to thee for ever singing alleluia joyfully!

--Latin, 11th cent.; tr. John Mason Neale

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