Maker of the World
Alfred V. Fedak/Carson P. Cooman

Composer Alfred V. Fedak, arr. Carson P. Cooman
Text Richard Leach
Two-part choir, organ
Topics Communion
2' 20" Price $1.65 (U.S.)
Released 07/08
Catalog no. 420-130 Difficulty Mod. easy

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Fedak's beautiful hymn tune NEW DISCIPLES is paired with a new communion text by Richard Leach celebrating "wonder, love, and praise." Each stanza begins with a upwardly-moving lyric melody that turns into a triple-meter dance at the refrain.

"This pairing of Alfred V. Fedak's tune, NEW DISCIPLES, and Richard Leach's hymn linking Psalm 8 with communion imagery is lyrical and simple, just the right combination for a small choir to sing for a summertime celebration of the Lord's Supper. The two stanzas are in 3/4 meter that expresses first the wonder felt by the psalmist as she looked up at the stars, and second the mystery of Christ's body and blood being represented by bread and wine. Each stanza is followed by a refrain in 6/8 that dances the music of our response of faith." --Worship Arts, March-April 2009

Maker of the world, what are we to you,
that you care for us? Yet we know you do.
You name ev’ry star shining in the night;
yet you care for us, dazzled by their light.
God, we sing to you, wonder, love and praise;
from your mystery come all our days.
Love that made the world comes to us as bread;
all that we shall be, here and now is fed.
Love that names the stars comes to us as wine,
come to shape our lives into your design.
God we sing to you, wonder, love and praise,
from your mystery come all our days.

--Richard Leach, 2003. © 2003 Selah Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved.


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