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O Day of Days

Composer Emily Maxson Porter
Text Jaroslav J. Vajda
Voicing SA[T]B and organ
Topics Discipleship, Commitment, Confirmation, Rededication
Scripture References
John 1:35­51; Galatians 1:11­2:21
2' 40" Price $1.50 (U.S.) Released 1/99
Catalog no. 415-238 Difficulty Moderately difficult

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"The publisher suggests discipleship, commitment, confirmation, and rededication as themes for use of this joyful anthem on a Jaroslav Vajda text. Let me also add to that list its use for Easter day, the redeeming event that makes them all possible and which nourishes them. Vajda's texts have inspired many hymn melodies, and though the melodic materials of this composition are hymn-like, they are not really congregational as such. Actually, I welcome Maxson's freer choral interpretation of this rich Vajda hymn/poem. Highly recommended." --Cross Accent, Spring 2000

Description Jaroslav Vajda's remarkable poem praises God as it celebrates the growth of personal faith. At the same time, Porter's skillfully-crafted SAB anthem illuminates the text without drawing undue attention to itself. The result is a convincing affirmation of faith, suitable for confirmation or general use.

Anthem text
O day of days, the day I found the love that had been seeking me;
more than a word, more than a sound, that Word was God and set me free.

O day of days, the day I found that word a body on the cross;
no sacrifice of friend has bound me to him by so great a loss.

O day of days, the day I found a life to live that's more than me,
around, a cause to serve, a way to be.

O day of days, the day I found your people raised like me to sing;
now one with them and those beyond I look for ways to thank our King.

Stand by me, Fahter, Flesh and Flame; embrace, embolden and increase
your child reborn to bear your name, another messenger of peace.

-Jaroslav J. Vajda, © 1987. Used by permission.


Download a review copy of this anthem
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