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If You Can Walk

Early American tune, setting by Hal H. Hopson
Text Rusty Edwards
SATB, keyboard
Topics Christian Life, Music, Praise and Adoration
1' 50" Price $1.65 (U.S.) Released 7/02
Catalog no. 410-620 Difficulty Mod. easy

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Hal Hopson has taken Rusty Edwards' joyful text and paired it with a rugged early American tune, LOVING-KINDNESS. The result is an upbeat, energetic dance of praise which will be enjoyed by choirs everywhere.

If you can walk, then you can dance:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you can talk, then you can sing:
Glory, hallelujah.
If your heart beats, then you can love:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you can breathe, then you can live:
Glory, hallelujah.

If you can cry, then you can laugh:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you believe, then you can pray:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you have lips then you can smile:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you can think, then you can hope:
Glory, hallelujah.

If you can sleep, then you can dream:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you can feel, then you can care:
Glory, hallelujah.
If you can wish, then you can be:
Glory, hallelujah.
So dance and sing, and love be free.
Glory, hallelujah.

Sing glory, sing glory, hallelujah.

--Rusty Edwards
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