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Hail to the Lord's Anointed

Composer Roy Hopp
Text Psalm 72; para. James Montgomery, rev. Bert Polman
Voicing SATB, organ, cong. brass quartet
Church Season Lent Topics Praise
Scripture references Psalm 72
Length 4' 00" Price $1.95 (U.S.) Released 2/95
Catalog no. 241-072 Difficulty Moderately easy
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"Hail to the Lord's Anointed is a setting of James Montgomery's classic versification of Psalm 72 (with some revisions by Bert Polman). The German folk-tune ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVöGELEINE is set by Roy Hopp for congregation, choir, organ, and brass quartet (parts included for brass). A congregational page is also included, but notations regarding alternation singing have been left blank for the user to customize." -The Hymn, October 1995.

A festive setting useful for services where an anthem of praise is needed.

Hail to the Lord's anointed,
great David's greater son!
Hail, in the time appointed,
his reign on earth begun!
He comes to break oppression,
to set the captive free,
to take away transgression,
and rule in equity.

He shall come down like showers
upon the fruitful earth;
and love, joy, hope, like flowers,
spring in his path to birth.
The king shall have dominion
from sea to shining sea,
and over every nation
his peaceful rule shall be.

The desert tribes adore him
and bend to him the knee;
the wicked bow before him,
his glory they will see.
With gifts of adoration
the foreign kings shall meet
to pour the wealth of nations
in tribute at his feet.

He comes with rescue speedy
to those who suffer wrong,
to help the poor and needy,
and bid the weak be strong.
He turns their sighs to singing,
their darkness into light,
for they, condemned and dying,
are precious in his sight.

His kingdom is increasing,
a kingdom without end.
For him shall prayer unceasing
and daily praise ascend.
The mountain dews will nourish
a harvest from the fields;
the grain and fruit will flourish,
the land its bounty yields.

In name forever glorious,
he on his throne shall rest,
from age to age victorious,
all blessing and all blest.
Praise God, who rules each nation;
tell of his deeds again.
His glory fills creation;
sing praise to God. Amen!
Sing praise to God. Amen!

Psalm 72, vers. James Montgomery, 1822; rev. Bert Polman, 1985.
© 1989 CRC Publications. Used by permission.


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