Harmonizations & Descants
Patrick A. Scott

Composer Patrick A. Scott
Released 6/22
Use Hymn accompaniment
Difficulty Mod. easy to Mod. diff.
Catalog no. 160-742
Price $20 (U.S.)

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Winner of the 2014 AGO National Competition in Organ Improvisation, Patrick A. Scott brings his signature flair to a variety of familiar hymns (for all seasons) in this collection of last verse/alternate harmonizations for organ. In addition to the organ harmonization, each hymn includes an optional descant (for voices or instruments) to provide an extra element for special occasions.

Hymn tunes included
Duke Street
Grosser Gott
Lasst uns Erfreuen
Lobe den Herren
Love Unknown
Old 100th
Puer Nobis
St. Catherine’s Court
St. Denio



Mohawk River Suite

"In this collection of reharmonizations and descants for fifteen hymns, Patrick Scott demonstrates an excellent instinct for harmonic progression and the good taste to know when to enhance and when to let the standard harmony speak for itself. I find his aesthetic much to my liking, which, admittedly, may be towards the conservative end of the spectrum. Although the soprano part sometimes ascends above the melody, the melody is often the top line; when it does soar, it is usually on a repeated line or near the end of a phrase. The texture is thick with many doublings, perhaps more than necessary. At the same time, the tonal language is logically enhanced by secondary dominants, suspensions, and passing tones, all of which are prepared well. Each hymn is supplied with a companion descant, printed separately for reproduction, further enhancing the volume's usefulness. The hymns are all well-loved, traditional tunes found in The Hymnal 1982, with the exception of ST. CATHERINE'S COURT. This collection is a fine companion to other recent volumes in the series by Stuart Forster and Robert McCormick. A complete tune index for the series of twenty-two volumes is provided at the back of the book." --AAM Journal, May/June 2023


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