Variations on "Holy, Holy, Holy" NICAEA - organ - Austin C. Lovelace
Hymn Intonation, Harmonization, & Free Prelude Series
Volume VII

Composer Austin C. Lovelace
Price $6.75 (U.S.) Released 6/93
Difficulty Moderately easy
Catalog no. 160-727

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This favorite hymn of so many churchgoers is finally given a delightful set of variations by Austin C. Lovelace. The introduction and five variations vary from moderately easy to moderately difficult and are a useful addition to your service music repertoire.

"As Volume VII of the series 'Hymn Intonations, Preludes, and Free Harmonizations,' Austin C. Lovelace provides an introduction, theme, and four variations for organ on Dykes' NICAEA. Taking about 4 1/2 minutes in performance, the piece makes only modest demands on either player or instrument." -Bulletin of The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, July 1994.

"An appealing, easy setting with introduction and 4 variations; reminiscent of the Piet Post Partita on Holy, Holy (Ars Nova)."-Worship Arts, Nov./Dec. 1994

"This set of variations is ideal for the organist with limited pedal technique. Each variant utilizes a different motivic idea to accompany the cantus firmus. This work is adaptable to almost any organ, pipe or electronic. Easy to moderate in difficulty." -Cross Accent, January 1995

"Selah's series of Hymn Intonations, Preludes, and Free Harmonizations is again represented with two volumes by Austin Lovelace. Volume IV (160-724) contains two preludes: a partita on Hamburg, and a Toccatta on Engleberg. Volume VII (160-727) contains a single partita, "Variations on Holy, Holy, Holy") shorter than but reminiscent of the well-known Piet Post partita on the same tune Nicaea). Both volumes are well-printed, well-written, and useful." -The Hymn, July 1994


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