Harmonizations - organ - Richard Proulx
Hymn Intonation, Harmonization, & Free Prelude Series

Composer Richard Proulx
Price $6.75 (U.S.) Released 6/93
Difficulty Mod. easy/Mod. diff.
Catalog no. 160-726

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After two successful volumes of intonations, Proulx now rewards the patient with a collection of his wonderful harmonizations on 20 popular hymn tunes. Includes Bunessan, Dix, Ein' Feste Burg, King's Weston, Lasst uns erfreuen, New Britain, Regent Square, St. Denio, Stuttgart, and many more familiar tunes. Some would also work well as introductions, but they are all innovative. Vary from easy to advanced in difficulty.

Christe Sanctorum
Ein' Feste Burg
Ein' Feste Burg (rhythmic)
Gott sei Dank (Lübeck)
King's Weston
Lasst uns erfreuen
Lobe den Herren
Lübeck (Gott sei Dank)
New Britain
Nun Danket
Regent Square
St. Denio
St. Flavian
St. George's, Windsor
St. Peter
Vesper Hymn

"This is an outstanding collection of alternate harmonizations of popular hymn tunes. In all but three of them, the melody appears in the soprano voice, providing an anchor for the congregation. Not just harmony, but also variations in texture and rhythm add to the appeal of these innovative and exciting hymn settings. Most should be useful with a congregation of average singing ability; however, some of the more dissonant harmonies are quite pungent, and require confident singers. The settings of the tunes IRBY, KING'S WESTON, STUTTGART, and ST. PETER are especially noteworthy. One can only wish that fewer of them ended with the tonic chord with an added second. Easy to medium in difficulty. Highly recommended." -Marcia Van Oyen, The Diapason, January 1994

"Interesting and often challenging music by this outstanding composer of music for the church. Very highly recommended for those churches that have adventurous music programs. Volume VI, harmonizations for use while parishioners sing, is more conservative in its writing, but is still harmonically rich. Here are twenty hymn settings based on tunes that would be known to most churches. Both of these volumes stand apart from and, I feel, above the majority of music written for the church. I wish there were more people composing in similar styles. It would help move church music into the twentieth century-now that it is almost the twenty-first!"-The Hymn, Oct. 1993

"You will find the intonations appealing." -The American Organist, September 1994.

"Volume VI (160-726) is subtitled "Harmonizations" and contains twenty arrangements meant to accompany unison singing. Here, the hymns set are more traditional, but the settings are anything but! Chromatics and splashy chords abound in most settings, though there are some lean and tender moments as well. New Britain is set in both F and G for versatility but the lower key asks the organist to play a low B (below the pedal board)! Surely the organist will know to play that measure an octave higher. Many of the arrangements are set with eighth-note movement, indicative that these elaborate settings have been conceived for use in a large space which would require a slower rhythmic pulse. The organist, after determining which settings will be useful in his or her own circumstances, will need to practice and know these thoroughly. If chosen and played convincingly, these accompaniments can adda fresh and welcome voice to the people's song." -The Hymn, July 1994.


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