Sine Nomine
Organ solo • John Weaver

Composer John Weaver
Released 8/19
Use Instrumental, recital
Topic All Saints
Moderately diff.
Catalog no. 160-664
Price $12.50 (U.S.) Length 5' 45"

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The Reuter Organ Company commissioned John Weaver to compose a Hymn Sonata for his recital to formally open the organ at Shadyside Presbyterian Church on September 24, 1995. Weaver performed that work as the closing composition in his inaugural recital, dedicating it to Franklin Mitchell, then Chairman of the Reuter Organ Company. This is the final movement of the sonata, and combines the hymn tunes SINE NOMINE and SARUM, both of which are frequently associatiated with the hymn text "For All the Saints." Ingeniously, Weaver infused this mixture with a third melody from traditional Americana, "Oh, When the Saints Go Marchin' In." Incorporating that Dixieland rhythmic basis, this rich stew creates a New Orleans-style celebration for All Saints celebrations or recitals.



Sine Nomine organ solo

Online performance
Listen to Felix Hell's performance of this piece at Trinity Episcopal Church, Wall Street, N.Y.C.

"This clever postlude or recital piece combines three melodies, Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In, as well as the hymn tunes SINE NOMINE and SARUM, both used for the text For all the Saints. Originally, this was the closing movement of the Hymn Sonata, commissioned by the Reuter Organ Company for the dedication recital at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in 1995. The style of a New Orleans Dixieland band infuses the entire piece, and Sine Nomine sounds unexpectedly right with dotted rhythms and jazz harmonies! The juxtaposition with Oh, When the Saints also draws attention to the fact that the opening of one tune is the inversion of the other. A lyrical statement of SARUM, with its repeated notes and foursquare feel, essentially acts as a contrasting second subject. Following this there is another statement of SINE NOMINE as a Jazz trumpet solo, after which SARUM and SINE NOMINE are combined. A canonic statement of SINE NOMINE then leads into a virtuosic pedal cadenza with two independent voices and three- and four-part chords. Finally, SINE NOMINE and Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In are grandly combined. The overall effect is exciting and a sure crowd-pleaser. The tunes are combined in varied ways to keep even the most sophisticated musicians smiling. Although the pedal cadenza is challenging, overall the work is only of moderate difficulty. This piece is a wonderful All Saints’ Day postlude or recital encore, and it is available as a pdf download." --AAM Journal, November 2019





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