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Over the Waves of Words
Hymns and Songs by Richard Leach

Hymn text and tune collection

Author Richard Leach
Released June 1996
Catalog no. 125-423 (Soft-cover, 56 pp.)
Price $10.00 (U.S.)

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"The youngest in this quartet of hymnwriters, Richard Leach offers his third collection of texts. This latest volume containing 42 tunes and 40 texts opens with hymns for the church year. The remaining half of his book deals with five topics: "Brokenness and Hope," "A Singing Place," "Psalms," "Boundaries Redrawn," and "Jesus Calling and Leading." For most texts he indicates scriptural references.

One characteristic of Leach's texts is frequent use of repetition. The phrase "We will not sing Pharaoh's song" begins and ends each stanza of that hymn. "Good morning, dear gardener, my rabbi and friend" opens all four stanzas of another hymn. These repeated phrases can add emphasis to the message; one hopes they would not become dull for the singer. Half the tunes, all with accompanist-friendly arrangements, come from four highly acclaimed composers: Dan Damon, Rusty Edwards, Alfred Fedak, and Amanda Husberg. One of the many pleasant surprises was to find the French carol "Bring a torch" as a setting for the Pentecost story in Acts. Leach does a remarkable job of incorporating meaningful references to 18 biblical names, all indexed. I wish Leach had included some brief statement regarding stories or situations motivating his writing. This collection of deceptively simple hymns can add new life to worship experiences." ­The Hymn, April 1997

Richard Leach's texts presented with music for singing by congregations and choirs. These settings are varied in style and are newly-composed or familiar hymn tunes. The variety and depth of this collection make it a much-needed resource for worship in today's church. 56 pages, soft-cover.
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