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Grateful Praise:
Hymns and Songs by Rusty Edwards

Hymn text and tune collection

Author/Composer Rusty Edwards, with other contributors
Released April 1998
Catalog no. 125-410 (Soft-cover, 48 pp.)
Price $12.00 (U.S.)

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"Rusty Edwards' Grateful Praise combines this Lutheran pastor's skill as both poet and composer of tunes for others' texts. Edwrads' particular gift as a hymn writer is to say the obvious with fresh energy and new insight. This is risky work, which always teeters on the rim of bathos, but even his courage and faithfulness seem inconsequential in the face of his finest accomplishments." ­Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, September 1998

Rusty Edwards' hymns are found in almost all newly published hymnals and supplements, and this is the brand new collection of Edwards most recent work.

Grateful Praise includes Edwards's collaborations with Herbert Brokering, Daniel Charles Damon, Peter Erskine, Gracia Grindal, Darcy Hill, Richard Leach, Jane Marshall, Shirley Erena Murray, Linda Cable Shute, and Wayne Wold, along with new texts or music to other contemporary hymns, for a total of 43 new hymns and songs.

These hymns cover a wide range of topics useful for many times of worship, all in Edwards' unique style.

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