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Peace Song
A Song of Peace in Many Tongues

Composer Curt Oliver
Text Richard Leach
SATB, keyboard, opt. chimes
Topics Benediction, Peace, Pentecost
3' 15" Price $1.75 (U.S.) Released 2/00
Catalog no. 410-619 Difficulty Moderately easy

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"Curt Oliver's Peace Song uses no less than 23 languages for the key word, 'Peace.' There is everything from Afrikaans to Zulu, but the music rises far above gimmickry. While I have put this piece here as a possible harvest festival anthem, it obviously has many useful implications, not the least of which would be in late Eastertide...[T]his piece really needs chimes, although handbells, choir chimes, or synthesizer would do in a pinch." --AAM Journal, May/June 2001

This warm and poignant anthem has a universal message and single word of text: "Peace," sung in 22 different languages. The perfect choice for observing UN Sunday, Peacemaking Sunday, Pentecost, or as a multi-lingual choral benediction.

Text and pronunciation guide
Dona nobis pacem (Latin-Grant us peace) ­ DAW-nah NAW-beece PAH-chem
peace (English)
Frieden (German) ­ FREE-den (flip the 'r')
beke (Hungarian) ­ BEH-keh
pace (Italian) ­ PAH-cheh
pokoj (Polish) ­ POH-kwee
shaantiH (Sanskrit) ­ SHAHN-tee
uxolo (Zulu) ­ OOKS-oh-loh
irene (Greek) ­ ee-REH-neh (flip the 'r')
damai (Indonesian) ­ dah-MY
amani (Swahili) ­ ah-MAH-nee
pax (Latin) ­ pahks
vrede (Afrikaans) ­ FREH-deh (flip the 'r')
kapayapaan (Tagalog) ­ kah-pah-yah-pah-AHN
mir (Russian) ­ meer (flip the final 'r')
paix (French) ­peh
paz (Spanish) ­ pahce (American Spanish); or pahth (Castilian Spanish)
heiwa (Japanese) ­ heh-ee-wah (first two syllable are elided; no stress)
nanomonestotse (Cheyenne) ­ nah-noh-moh-noh-STOHT-she
salaam (Arabic) ­ sah-LAHM
fred (Danish) -- frehdt
hoa binh (Vietnamese) ­ hwah bean
shalom (Hebrew) ­ shah-LOHM

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