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("They Have No Wine," Said Mary)

Composer Austin C. Lovelace
Text Rae E. Whitney
SATB, keyboard
Lectionary Usage Epiphany, Epiphany II-A/C
Scripture References John 2:1-11, 6:5-11
Bread of Life, Life of Christ, Lord's Supper, Miracles
2' 10" Price $1.65 (U.S.) Released 8/04
Catalog no. 410-485 Difficulty Moderately easy

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"Finally, a glance towards Epiphany. Austin C. Lovelace's Miracles uses an Early American tune as a vehicle for Rae E. Whitney's text yoking the Cana and Feeding miracles with the Eucharist. Epiphany 2C, as everyone recovers from their Christmas rest, is just the time for this simple anthem, with frequent unison passages and a nice canon for the third stanza." --AAM Journal, Oct. 2006

A straightforward hymn-anthem by Austin Lovelace, considered by many to be the Dean of American church music composers. Here he pairs an early American hymntune (WEDLOCK) with Rae Whitney’s insightful text which connects three of Jesus’ miracles: the miracle at Cana, the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and the miracle of the Eucharist. The work’s final stanza, in canon at the octave, is classic Lovelace and particularly effective.

Anthem text
"They have no wine," said Mary
to Jesus Christ, her son;
so, seeing her compassion
and love for everyone,
he made new wine from water
to grace tha wedding hall,
so that they said, in wonder,
"This is the best of all."

"We have no bread, dear Master,"
his friends said, in despair,
"just these few loaves and fishes
are all we have to share."
But, when Christ blessed and broke them,
that offering multiplied,
and Jesus fed five thousand
till all were satisfied.

"We have no wine, Lord Jesus,
nor have we any bread."
"Dear children, with my Body
and Blood your souls are fed;
since in true hearts abiding
my Spirit longs to be,
by faith, and with thanksgiving,
come, take, and feed on me!"

--Rae E. Whitney, 1978
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