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New Songs of Celebration

Composer Dale Grotenhuis
Text Psalm 98; vers. Erik Routley; alternate Psalm 98, vers. Dewey Westra
Voicing SATB, organ, cong., brass quartet
Topics Music
Scripture references Psalm 98
Length 2' 45" Price $1.95 (U.S.) Released 2/95
Catalog no. 241-072 Difficulty Moderately easy

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"Dale Grotenhuis has set the Genevan Psalter tune RENDEZ À DIEU to two different versifications of Psalm 98 by two different authors. Erik Routley's and Dewey Westra's texts are interlined throughout, giving the director a choice of translations. Routley's text gets top billing in the title, New Songs of Celebration and Sing,Sing a New Song, and is the only text to appear on the congregational page (241-098, $1.30). Parts are included for a brass quartet which supports the tune, punctuates the rhythm, and dialogues delightfully with the organ and voices. The Renaissance dance mood of the psalm tune is enhanced in this splendid setting." -The Hymn, October 1995

New songs of celebration render
to him who has great wonders done;
love sits enthroned in ageless splendor,
come and adore the mighty One.
He has made known his great salvation,
which all his friends with joy confess.
He has revealed to every nation
his everlasting righteousness.

Joyfully, heartily resounding,
let every instrument and voice peal out
the praise of grace abounding,
calling the whole world to rejoice.
Trumpets and organs, set in motion
such sounds as make the heavens ring;
all things that live in earth and ocean
make music for your mighty King.

Rivers and seas and torrents roaring,
honor the Lord with wild acclaim;
mountains and stones, look up adoring,
and find a voice to praise his name.
Righteous, commanding, ever glorious,
praises be his that never cease!
Just is our God, whose truth victorious
establishes the world in peace.

Psalm 98, vers. Erik Routley.
©1974 Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, Ill. 60188 (for permission to reprint this text contact Hope at All rights reserved.

Alternate text
Sing, sing a new song to the Lord God
for all the wonders he has wrought;
his right hand and his arm most holy
the victory to him have brought.
The Lord has shown his great salvation,
to Israel his love made known;
he has revealed to every nation
his truth in righteousness alone.

Shout, make a joyful noise before him,
O all the earth his praises sing;
with harp and trumpet sound adore him,
make music to the Lord, the King.
Let oceans roar with all their fullness
the world and all who dwell therein,
proclaim the power of God with boldness,
exalt him ever and again.

Let all the streams in joyous union
now clap their hands and praise accord,
let mountains sing in glad communion,
and skip for joy before the Lord.
He comes, he comes to judge the people,
arrayed in truth and equity;
he shall redeem the world from evil,
and righteous shall his judgment be.

Psalm 98, vers. Dewey Westra.
© 1987, CRC Publications. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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