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Organ and keyboard
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2016 releases
Bayoubúchlein - New Chorale Preludes from AGO Houston 2016 - Commissions and selected preludes on hymn tunes since 1960 (160-616, Mod. easy to Diff.)
Let All That Hath Breath
-Association of Anglican Musicians 50th Anniversary organ album (multiple composers, organ voluntaries, 160-600, Mod. easy to Diff.)
Partita on Nun Danket alle Gott (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-602, Mod. diff.)
Prelude on the Carillon d'Alet (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-853, Mod. diff.)

2015 releases
Six Psalm Preludes (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-685, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Prelude & Toccata on Kingsfold (Mary Beth Bennett, organ solo, 160-824, Mod. diff.)
Rhapsody for Organ (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-830, Difficult)
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee -- Festival accompament to HYMN TO JOY (Alfred V. Fedak, organ and choir, 160-679, Mod. easy)
Biblical Sketches for Organ and Trumpet
(David Schelat, organ and trumpet, 160-924, Mod. diff.)
Three Pastoral Scenes (Craig Phllips, organ, violin, and bassoon, 160-935, Mod. diff.)

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2013-2014 releases

Improvisation on Nicaea-"Holy, Holy, Holy" (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-520, Mod. easy)
Scherzo Ostinao (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-865, Mod. diff.)
Fugue on the Carillon d'Alet (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-852, Mod. diff.)
Come, Pure Hearts: Introduction, Theme & Variations (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-838, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
From Harp to Pipe: Early American Hymn Tunes (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-663, Mod. easy)
Three Pastorales (Clive Jenkins, organ solo, 160-650, Mod. easy)
Mohawk River Suite, A (Alfred V. Fedak, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, singers, 160-926, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Fantasia: A Languedoc Landscape - Tone Poem for Organ, Brass quintet, and Timpani (Craig Phillips, 160-910, Mod. diff.-Diff.)
Three Reflections on Hymn Tunes (David Ashley White, piano solo, 830-612, Mod. easy)

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2012-2013 releases
Three Sketches (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-812, Mod. diff.)
Archangel Suite (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-870, Mod. diff.)
Scenes from a Gallery (Craig Phillips, flute, violin, organ, 160-900, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Music for a Ceremony (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-612, Mod. easy)
Marian Hymn Harmonizations (Alfred V. Fedak, 160-737, Mod. easy)
Three Fanfares (David Hurd, organ, brass, and timpani, 160-932)
Let the Heavens Rejoice (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-623, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

2011 releases
Pilkington: Intonations (Steve Pilkington, organ, 160-736, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Jesus Is the Sunlight (Alfred V. Fedak and Carson Cooman, organ solo, 160-648, Mod. easy)
A Second Light (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-660, Mod. easy)
Toccata on How Firm a Foundation (Craig Phillips, 160-655 Mod. diff.)

2010 releases
Fantasy Toccata (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-858, Difficult)
Ss. Simon & Jude Organ Book (Daniels, Erickson, Farrell, Fedak, Phillips, Proulx, 160-615, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Sojourn for Organ and Wind Ensemble (Craig Phillips, 160-941, Difficult)

2009 releases
Lo, How a Rose, Partita on ES IST EIN ROS' (Richard Kroes, organ solo, 160-115, Mod. diff.)
Prelude on "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (Richard Kroes, organ solo, 160-119, Mod. diff.)
Suite Breve (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-609, Mod. diff.)

2008 releases
Hurd: More Intonations & Harmonizations (David Hurd, organ, 160-735 mod. easy to mod. diff.)
Epiphanies: Three Hymn Settings (Alfred V. Fedak, Oboe or Tpt. and Organ, 160-925 Mod. easy)
Eternal Dayspring: Three Preludes on Hymn Tunes of David Ashley White (Carson Cooman, organ solo, 160-667, Mod. easy)
Fantasia on Sine Nomine (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-676, Mod. diff.)
From Past to Future: Four Preludes on Hymn Tunes of Alfred V. Fedak (Carson Cooman, organ solo, 160-668, Mod. easy)
Night Song for Oboe and Organ or Harpsichord (Craig Phillips, organ and oboe, 160-930, Mod. diff.)
Prelude on Kremser for Two Trumpets and Organ (Robert J. Powell, Two Tpts. and organ, 160-922, Mod. easy)
Toccata on Hyfrydol (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-675, Mod. diff.)
Triptych for Trumpet and Organ (Alfred V. Fedak, Tpt. and Organ, 160-979, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

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Fill the World with Loudest Praise

Come, Creator Spirit: Fedak plays Fedak

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Choral music

New choral, 2015

Sing, My Soul (David Ashley White, Two-part, organ, 410-653, Mod. easy)
Have We Any Gift (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, keybd., 410-320, Mod. easy)
Restore in Us, O God (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-325, Mod. diff.)
The Day Begins and Ends (Alice Parker, SATB, organ, 410-692, Mod. diff.)
Something New/Psalm 23 (David Ashley White, SATB, C inst., 410-802, Mod. easy)
New Life, New Love, New Light (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, opt. cong., 420-391, Mod. diff.)
Every Generation (Carson P. Cooman, SAB, organ, 415-106, Mod. easy)
The Acceptable Year (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 410-530, Mod. easy)
When Peace, Like a River (David Ashley White, SATB, keybd., 420-139, Mod. easy)
Morning or Evening Prayer (Russell Schulz-Widmar, SATB, keybd., 410-980, Mod. easy)
God Be in My Head (David Ashley White, SAB a cappella, 410-356, Mod. easy)
Psalm Setting
Sing to the Lord-Psalm 98 (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, opt. children's choir, 410-899, Mod. diff.)
Feast After Feast (Carson P. Cooman, SATB a cappella, 410-411, Mod. easy)
A Carol for Advent (Carl Schalk, Unison, keybd., flute, 405-156, Mod. easy)
Before the Marvel of This Night (David Ashley White, Two-part, handbells, perc., 405-245, Mod. easy)
That King Before Whose Majesty (David W. Music, SATB, keybd., 405-312, Mod. easy)
Wise Men Came Journeying (Carson P. Cooman, SATB, organ, 405-306, Mod. easy)
Palm Sunday Antiphons (Robert McCormick, SATB a cappella, 405-460, Mod. diff.)
Let the Heavens Ring (Bradley Ellingboe, SATB, keybd., flute, conga, 405-529, difficulty)
Children's Anthem
Lord of the Dance (Steve Pilkington, Unison/two-part, kybd., handbells, glock, hand drum, 422-815, Mod. easy)
Hymn Concertato
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, brass quartet, opt. cong., 425-865, Mod. easy)

New choral, 2013-2014

God Is the Poet (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, kbyd., opt. flute/C inst., opt. cong., 420-411, Mod. easy)
A New Creation (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 420-121, Mod. easy)
Surely It Is God Who Saves Me (Craig Phillips, SATB a cappella, 410-844, Mod. diff.)
Ave Verum Corpus, (K. Lee Scott, SATB, opt. kybd., 410-416, Mod. diff.)
Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 410-315, Mod. easy)
O Splendor of God's Glory Bright (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 420-322, Mod. diff.)
Ubi Caritas (Sean Salamon, SATB a cappella, 410-605, Mod. easy)
Breathe on Me, Breath of God (Craig Phillips, SATB a cappella, 405-605, Mod. easy)
Not to Us (Carson P. Cooman, SATB a cappella, 410-515, Mod. easy)
Take Up the Song (David W. Music, SATB, organ, opt. brass, 420-406, Mod. easy)
A Prayer for Peace (Carlton R. Young, SATB, organ, opt. cong., 410-636, Mod. easy)
You Hold All Souls in Life (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, kybd., 415-400, Mod. easy)
Lord Jesus, Make Me Holy (David Ashley White, SAB, a cappella, 420-240, Mod. easy)

The People Who in Darkness Walked (David W. Music, SATB, kybd., 405-160, Mod. easy)
Wondrous Majesty (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-230, Mod. easy)
Born Among Us in the Night (Carson P. Cooman, SATB, kybd., 405-246, Mod. easy)
The Oxen (Stephen Barr, SATB, Clarinet/English hn., 405-266, Mod. diff.)

Now Jesus Christ Ascends (Mark Sedio, 405-810, SATB, handbells, Mod. diff.)
Spirit, Moving Over Chaos (David Ashley White, Chorus, oboe/C inst., perc., opt. bells, Mod. easy)

Hymn Concertato
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (David Ashley White, SATB, org., opt. children, opt. cong., brass, 425-863, Mod. diff.)

New choral, 2011

Thy Holy Wings (David Ashley White, SATB, kybd., 410-309, Mod. easy)
A Parting Blessing: Walk Softly (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB a capella, 410-180, Mod. diff.)
Rejoice and Exult (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 405-148, Mod. diff.)
Come, Pure Hearts (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, opt. fl., bells, 420-382, Mod. easy)
God Still Sings (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, kybd. 420-408, Mod. easy)
A Hymn of Glory (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-526, Mod. easy)
I Am the Good Shepherd (John Arnn, Unison choir, kybd., 422-810, Easy)

Voice of Joy (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-890, Mod. easy)

Psalm Settings
My Mouth Shall Speak Your Praise (Robert J. Powell, SATB, organ, 410-871, Mod. diff.)
O God, You Are My God (Robert J. Powell, SATB a capella, 410-863, Mod. diff.)

Psalm Settings
Two Fraction Anthems (David Lowry, Unison/SATB, organ, 410-970, Mod. easy)
Te Deum (David Ashley White, SATB, organ 410-935 Difficult)

New choral, 2009-2010

Are You Weary of Your Burden (David Ashley White, SATB, violin or kybd., 420-365 Mod. easy)
Ever-Flowing Streams of Praise (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, kybd., opt. vln., 410-609, Mod. easy)
Christ, Who Knows All His Sheep (David Ashley White, SATB and organ, 420-148, Mod. easy)
Most High, Omnipotent, Good Lord (Craig Phillips, SATB and organ, 410-629, Mod. diff.)
Valediction (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB and organ, 440-832, Mod. diff.)
From All That Dwell (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, opt. brass quartet, 420-750, Mod. easy)
The Windows (Alan Lewis, SATB, 418-618, Mod. diff.)
The Appleton Motets (Carson P. Cooman, Two-part (S.A. or T.B.), 410-538, Mod. easy/Mod. diff.)

Matin Responsory (David Ashley White, SATB a cappella, 405-140, Mod. easy)
A Prayer for Advent (Craig Phillips, SATB, flute, organ, 405-182, Mod. diff.)

Kings Are Sleeping (Carson P. Cooman, SATB, 405-275, Mod. easy)
The Glory of Christmas (Austin C. Lovelace, SATB, kybd., 405-202, Mod. easy)

Come, Join in Cana's Feast (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-385, Mod. easy
Arise, Shine, for Your Light Is Come (Robert J. Powell, SAB, kybd., 405-331, Mod. easy)

Pentecost/Holy Spirit
To Thee, O Comforter Divine (David Ashley White, SATB and organ, 405-632, Mod. easy)

Psalm settings
The Lord Is My Shepherd [Psalm 23] (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB and organ, 440-828, Mod. diff.)

Mass settings
Mass for a Celebration (David Ashley White, Unison cong., organ, opt. brass, 410-956, Mod. easy.)

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Newest releases
Alleluia! The Strife Is O'er (Leonard Bobrowski, Level 2-3, 2 octaves-19 bells)
Carol of the Bells (William C. Witherup, Level 4, 3 octaves-26 bells)
It Came upon a Midnight Clear (Leonard Bobrowski, Level 4, 2 octaves-23 bells)
O Sons and Daughters (Sloan Palmer, Level 2-3, 3 octaves-21 bells)

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Brass Quartet
Rise Up, O Saints of God (FESTAL SONG)--Arr. Jayne Southwick Cool
(Brass quartet, organ, and congregation, 820-410)
Three Fanfares (David Hurd, organ, brass, and timpani, 160-932)
Brass Quintet
Phillips Hymn Arrangements (Craig Phillips, Moderately difficult)
Adeste Fideles | Antioch | Mendelssohn | Winchester Old
Easter Hymn | Fortunatus | Salve Feste Dies | Victory
All Creatures of Our God and King: LASST UNS ERFREUEN (Craig Phillips, organ, brass, percussion, choir, and congregation, 820-620)
Three Fanfares (David Hurd, organ, brass, and timpani, 160-932)
Amazing Grace: NEW BRITAIN (Alfred V. Fedak, brass quintet and organ, 820-801, Mod. easy)
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing: NETTLETON (Alfred V. Fedak, brass quintet and organ, 820-802, Mod. diff.)
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven: LAUDA ANIMA (Craig Phillips, organ, brass, percussion, choir, and congregation, 820-621)
Sing Praise to God/Let All Creation: MIT FREUDEN ZART (Alfred V. Fedak, brass quintet and organ, 820-804, Mod. easy)
Church's One Foundation, The (AURELIA)­Arr. Jayne Southwick Cool (Brass quintet and timpani, organ, and congregation, 820-501)
Lift High the Cross (CRUCIFER)--Arr. Jayne Southwick Cool (Brass quintet and timpani, organ, and congregation, 820-498)
O God, Our Help in Ages Past (ST. ANNE)--Arr. Jayne Southwick Cool (Brass quintet, organ, and congregation, 820-505)


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