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New Organ/Keyboard publications

Let All that Hath Breath

Let All That Hath Breath: An organ album for the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Anglican Musicians

Toccata on How Firm a Foundation: Craig Phillips

A Second Light: David Ashley White

Jesus Is the Sunlight: Alfred V. Fedak and Carson Cooman

Pilkington: Intonations

Ss. Simon & Jude Organ Book

Fantasy Toccata: Craig Phillips

What's New

2016 releases
Bayoubüchlein - New Chorale Preludes from AGO Houston 2016 - Commissions and selected preludes on hymn tunes since 1960 (160-616, Mod. easy to Diff.)
Let All That Hath Breath
-Association of Anglican Musicians 50th Anniversary organ album (multiple composers, organ voluntaries, 160-600, Mod. easy to Diff.)
Partita on Nun Danket alle Gott (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-602, Mod. diff.)
Prelude on the Carillon d'Alet (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-853, Mod. diff.)

2015 releases
Six Psalm Preludes (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-685, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Prelude & Toccata on Kingsfold (Mary Beth Bennett, organ solo, 160-824, Mod. diff.)
Rhapsody for Organ (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-830, Difficult)
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee -- Festival accompament to HYMN TO JOY (Alfred V. Fedak, organ and choir, 160-679, Mod. easy)
Biblical Sketches for Organ and Trumpet
(David Schelat, organ and trumpet, 160-924, Mod. diff.)
Three Pastoral Scenes (Craig Phllips, organ, violin, and bassoon, 160-935, Mod. diff.)

2013-2014 releases
Improvisation on Nicaea-"Holy, Holy, Holy" (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-520, Mod. easy)
Scherzo Ostinato (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-865, Mod. diff.)
Fugue on the Carillon d'Alet (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-852, Mod. diff.)
Come, Pure Hearts: Introduction, Theme & Variations (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-838, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
From Harp to Pipe: Early American Hymn Tunes (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-663, Mod. easy)
Three Pastorales (Clive Jenkins, organ solo, 160-650, Mod. easy)
Mohawk River Suite, A (Alfred V. Fedak, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, singers, 160-926, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Fantasia: A Languedoc Landscape - Tone Poem for Organ, Brass quintet, and Timpani (Craig Phillips, 160-910, Mod. diff.-Diff.)
Three Reflections on Hymn Tunes (David Ashley White, piano solo, 830-612, Mod. easy)

2012-2013 organ releases
Three Sketches (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-812, Mod. diff.)
Archangel Suite (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-870, Mod. diff.)
Scenes from a Gallery (Craig Phillips, flute, violin, organ, 160-900, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Music for a Ceremony (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-612, Mod. easy)
Marian Hymn Harmonizations (Alfred V. Fedak, 160-737, Mod. easy)
Three Fanfares (David Hurd, organ, brass, and timpani, 160-932)
Let the Heavens Rejoice (Robert J. Powell, organ solo, 160-623, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

2011 organ releases
Pilkington: Intonations (Steve Pilkington, organ, 160-736, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Jesus Is the Sunlight (Alfred V. Fedak and Carson Cooman, organ solo, 160-648, Mod. easy)
A Second Light (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-660, Mod. easy)
Toccata on How Firm a Foundation (Craig Phillips, 160-655 Mod. diff.)

2010 organ releases
Ss. Simon & Jude Organ Book (Daniels, Erickson, Farrell, Fedak, Phillips, Proulx, 160-615, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Fantasy Toccata (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-868, Difficult)
Sojourn for Organ and Wind Ensemble (Craig Phillips, 160-941, Difficult)

Let All that Hath Breath

Bayoubüchlein: New Chorale Preludes from AGO Houston 2016

Downloadable Easter organ solo:

Downloadable organ solo:

Downloadable Christmas organ solos:

Selah's popular hymn arrangements for Christmas and Easter:

New hymn arrangements for brass and organ.

We have a useful series of organ publications in print, including collections and solos for the Advent & Christmas, Epiphany, Lent & Easter, and Pentecost; pieces useful for weddings or funerals; a popular series of Hymn Intonations, Harmonizations & Preludes by the likes of Richard Proulx, V. Earle Copes, Alfred V. Fedak, and Austin C. Lovelace; and recital literature for the more venturesome organists. We even have an instructional video, The Art & Craft of Playing Hymns, that will inspire your hymn playing (it's had some great reviews). You can also view our organ publications by composer, title, or hymn tunes used. We also have some helpful articles for organists that appeared in Selah's newsletter Music in Worship, and you can read them online at your leisure.

Selah is looking for more quality piano solos useful for worship, but check out Robin Nixon's When Jesus Wept and Russell Schulz-Widmar's Procession.

Suite for Organ-PhillipsInvocation & Dance-FedakPrelude & Exultation-Phillips
Three works for music programs with high standards


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