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I Am the Holy Vine

Composer Leonard Bobrowski
Text James Quinn, S.J.
Voicing Unison voices and keyboard
Topics Christian Life, Communion
Scripture References
John 15:1­2, 4­5
3' 00" Price $1.00 (U.S.) Released 1/99
Catalog no. 410-588 Difficulty Easy

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Description A lovely, lyrical piece for unison voices, originally composed for children, but worthy of use by all ages. James Quinn's 3-stanza paraphrase of Jesus' words from John 15 is treated here in straightforward fashion, while the keyboard accompaniment provides subtle harmonic support and elaboration.

Anthem text
I am the holy vine, which God my Father tends.
Each branch that yields no fruit my Father cuts away.
Each fruitful branch he prunes with care
to make it yield abundant fruit.

If you abide in me, I will in you abide.
Each branch to yield its fruit must with the vine be one.
So you shall fail to yeild your fruit
if you are not with me one vine.

I am the fruitful vine, and you my branches are.
If you abide in me, I will in you abide.
So shall you yield much fruit,
but none if you remain apart from me.

-James Quinn, S.J., ©.
Selah Publishing Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., 15227, North American agent.




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