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Sweet Jesu, King of Bliss

Composer William C. Witherup
Text Anon. 13th cent. English
Topics Praise and Adoration
2' 00" Price $1.40 (U.S.)  Released 6/96
Catalog no. 420-931 Difficulty Moderately difficult

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"I do like very much William Witherup's elegant Sweet Jesu, King of bliss; there is no season or occasion that would not be improved by this exquisite gem. Buy it quickly lest it disappear." -AAM Journal, May/June 1998

"This miniature of great beauty is much loved in our parish. The warmth and eloquence of the 13th-century English text is enhanced by largely syllabic writing, and the harmonic language is easily accessible but not boring. Surely this is the most difficult of music to write, moderately easy but unforgettable. It is a devotional piece for almost any season, although we most often sing it on those Sundays about healing: 'Sweet Jesus, my soul's cure...'" --Martha Johnson, AAM Journal, December 2002

Description This motet is like a small jewel, perfectly crafted and just right. Witherup uses an anonymous 13th cent. English text that is itself exquisite.

Sweet Jesu, king of bliss,
My heart's love, my heart's ease,
Thou art sweet, matchless peer,
Woe to him that thee shall miss.

Sweet Jesu, my heart's light,
Thou art day without night.
Thou giv'st me strength and added might;
Thus to love thee it is right.

Sweet Jesu, my soul's cure,
In my heart a seed so pure;
Of thy love I am sure;
Let it flow'r and e'er endure. Amen.

Anon. 13th cent. English.

Download a review copy of this anthem
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